VOXELTEK Mark IV Dental 3D printer

Great Speed & Accuracy

With its small footprint and highly accurate output, Mark IV is the perfect choice 3D Printer for both Clinic and Lab professionals.

fast and accurate dental 3d printer

The new dental 3D printer made to stand out from the crowd

AI assisted imaging

Exceptional accuracy due to AI assisted imaging

Optical clarity is key in the 3D printing process of digital light manipulation. Besides working with quality optics, we have implemented advanced AI tools to make sure every pixel is perfectly tuned for best end-part accuracy and provide even illumination across the printing area.

CNC grade mechanics

CNC grade mechanics for print reliability & quality

With a robust backbone called ‘the Cell’, we have equipped our Mark IV 3D printers with industrial grade railing and high-quality machined aluminum parts for long term hassle-free operation,
resulting in low-maintenance need and high-output capacity.

design with experts

Designed with experts for ease of use

Mark IV was developed hand-in-hand with leading UX/UI and industrial designer experts, working in close cooperation with Dental professionals to create a truly seamless workflow. The resulting
interactive control surface makes Mark IV one of the easiest to use 3D printer on the market.

full service support

Great quality and depth of support on VOXELTEK.live

As a commitment to providing complete enablement of users with different background knowledge related to the digital workflow, we have developed VOXELTEK ACADEMY which offers full support on
each level of engagement: onboarding, mastering, trendsetting.

Integrated web-based processing software for file preparation and remote access

Online platform

Works both on Windows and Mac. Always up-to-date and no installation required. 

Print jobs library

For organizing and tracking past activities, reprints or cloning and editing of previous projects.


Comprehensive source for training materials from digital basics to advanced applications.

Geometry analysis

Checking files for surface errors and layer continuity

Enhanced geometry orientation

Efficient tools for easy object positioning

Automatic scene arrangement

Smart placement of objects on the print platform

Automatic supporting

Creating geometry-optimized scaffolding

Lightning fast processing

Slicing and sending print projects over the air

Powerful cloud-based platform and complementary CAD services

Designed & developed for both dental clinic and laboratory use

great design with big screen

Size and Appearance

  • 7″ touchscreen
  • Small 250 x 270mm footprint and compact size
  • Developed for the challenges of in-office production of dental appliances
  • Award-winning design

Easy-to-use and versatile

  • Enhanced print removal
  • Factory-calibrated build platform for easy and fast print initiation
  • Easy-to-delegate, operations can be mastered in 1 hour
  • External wireless antenna for better connectivity
  • Both wifi and cable enabled
easy to use and versitle 3d printer
sustainable 3d printer


  • Low energy consumption
  • Sustainable manufacturing: locally sourced components and low carbon footprint manufacturing technologies

The range of dental applications you can print immediately with Mark IV


3d printed prosthetics


3d printed implants


3d printed removables


clear aligners

3d printed dental applications

Dental CAD Design:
The missing link in your chairside workflow

With our CAD Design services through our VOXELTEK.live platform we are enabling you to achieve more with less staff, putting production on a new level through our integrated hardware and software systems. Get to know our lightning fast VOXEL.IOS intraoral scanners and Mark IV 3D printers.

intraoral scan

You scan

CAD Design service

We design

dental 3d print

You print

proprietory resin and open certified materials

Mark IV is compatible with VOXELTEK resins and 50+ Open Certified materials

resin compatibility

Key Specs

Performance of the VOXELTEK Mark IV is remarkable when it comes to in-office printing of dental appliances. This is due to or dental-optimized product specs and great features.


Build footprint 130 x 80 mm
Native pixel size <50 microns
Weight 15 kgs
User control 7″ Touchscreen
Architecture Open
dental optimized 3d printer

Get in touch to see how our 3D printing technology can enhance your dental business.