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For a 21st century IOS and 3D printing workflow, right in your office.

Online CAD Design Services

On-demand 24/7 dental design services through the VOXELTEK.live platform

On a mission for
Easy-to-Access Digital Dentistry

At VOXELTEK, we are enthusiastic about the latest digital dental technologies and ways of making them accessible for even the smallest Dental Labs and Clinics. We are empowering dental professionals for an easy, quick and productive all-around digital dental treatment.

digital dentistry
dental professional

„VOXELTEK reminds me of the Silicon Valley startup spirit:  it’s refreshing to deal with passionate people with real world knowledge.  The scanner is top class , and the printer has an enormous pool of resin profiles you can use…”

– Dr. Telmo Monteiro, prosthetics and oral surgery specialist (Lisbon, Portugal)

digital dentist

“I exclusively use digital impressions, and I am delighted to employ the VOXELTEK intraoral scanner. The combination of VOXELTEK.live and VOXELTEK printer provides me with the freedom to creatively address challenges in dentistry.”

Dr. Péter Farkas, biomimetic dentist (Budapest, Hungary)

CAD Design:
the missing link in your chairside workflow

With our CAD Design service on our VOXELTEK.live platform we are enabling you to achieve more with less staff, putting production on a new level through our integrated HW and SW system and our lightning fast Voxel.IOS scanners and Mark IV printers.

intraoral scan

You scan

CAD Design service

We design

dental 3d print

You print

24/7 Dental CAD Design Service


  • Online CAD design services
  • File processing for 3D printing
  • Digital Dentistry knowledge base and training materials
  • Platform for technical support
dental cad design service
accurate IOS scanner

VOXEL.IOS: Sharp details and exceptional accuracy

Powerful and easy-to-use IOS at an affordable price

Intraoral scanners are slowly replacing the traditional impression-taking processes and by doing so, digitalizing the dental treatment workflow.  At VOXELTEK, we are dedicated to offer clinics a highly affordable yet high quality and easy-to-use IOS device that will catalyze your transition into all around digital dentistry

VOXELTEK Mark IV Dental 3D printer

Great speed & Accuracy

With its small footprint and highly accurate output, Mark IV is the perfect choice 3D Printer for both Clinic and Lab professionals.

fast dental 3d printer
dental lab 3d printer system


The powerhouse of your digital lab.

The VOXELTEK Lab System is a collection of digital devices that work seamlessly together and provide that perfect accuracy and part detail that you’ve been looking for.


  • Easy introduction to the digital workflow in the lab
  • Low running costs
  • Quick ROI

VOXELTEK Chairside solutions

Easy-to-use IOS and 3D printer system, with integrated CAD Design solution

We are empowering you with the most recent digital technologies. Our easy-to-use, fully reliable system with integrated CAD design services provide a seamless workflow for your dental practice, allowing you to focus fully on your patients.


  • Easy introduction to Digital Dentistry
  • Best value intraoral scanning and 3D printer
  • Seamless integration of IOS, CAD design services and 3D printing
dental clinic 3d printer and intraoral scanner

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