About Us

On a mission for Easy-to-Access Digital Dentistry

At VOXELTEK, we are enthusiastic about the latest digital dental technologies and ways of making them accessible for even the smallest Dental Labs and Clinics. We are empowering dental professionals for a easy, quick and productive all-around digital dental treatment. …putting smiles on more and more face


Voxeltek is a dental technology provider that offers dental labs an easy introduction into digital workflow by providing an end-to-end lab technology with low running costs and a quick return on investment.

Our Green DNA

At VOXELTEK, we are all about sustainability. We operate our development, production and logistics with a goal to minimize our ecological footprint as a company. Below are some of the measures we have taken and what we care about.

Waste Management

We collect and return paper, plastic and metal litter separately for best recyclability. Should we have to print any documents, we do that on recycled paper.


May it be small scale prototyping or larger production batches, we are choosing local vendors and assess them for a minimal carbon footprint..


Whenever possible, we are using recycled, remnant or locally produced material for prototyping, production and packaging.


We have established our premises to be easily accessible by public transportation. Our collegues are encouraged to bike to work as well as to work from home.


A minimal energy consumption is not only a guideline when designing our 3D printer products but also our entire operation. Our heating and office operations are powered from renewable sources in increasing proportions.


During our office work, we thrive for paperless, waste-less operation. Whenever needed, we exclusively use recycled paper and minimize amounts of plastic packaging materials.

Privacy Policy

Do you have a question about our guidelines? Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you more about our privacy policies and data handling.

General Information

VOXELTEK Ltd. respects the personal data of the people who visit the website. This guidance gives you information on what information VOXELTEK Ltd. records and how it uses it. Learn how to verify the accuracy of these data and how to request deletion from VOXELTEK Ltd.’s records. Data collection, data processing and data usage are in accordance with legal provisions. This Statement does not apply to web pages that can be accessed from the homepage of VOXELTEK Ltd. via hyperlinks.

Recording, processing and use of personal data

We only record personal information that is voluntarily provided by the visitor, and the visitor explicitly agrees to the data capture, data processing, and data usage. In this case, the visitor also accepts the following conditions. When visiting the site, the VOXELTEK Ltd. server stores certain data automatically for system administration, statistical or security reasons. These data are the visitor’s Internet service provider, in some cases the visitor’s IP address, the software version of the software, the type of computer operating system, the website from which VOXELTEK Ltd.’s website has been reached, the pages that were visited on the website, , which are used to access the website. From these data you can deduce the visit of the site, it can be recaptured on the machines, no personal data will be used. The data will only be used anonymously. If VOXELTEK Ltd. transfers the data to a third party, it will be in accordance with the legal provisions on the protection of personal data. If you provide personal information to VOXELTEK Ltd., we will not use it beyond the statutory limits or exceed your consent and will not be sold to third parties. We will only disclose your data without your consent if it is ordered by law, authority or court. Any changes to this Statement will be made public on this website. So you can always get information about which data is stored and how data capture, data processing, and data usage is done.


VOXELTEK Ltd. keeps your data securely and takes precautionary measures to protect them – in order to prevent loss, unauthorized use or modification.

Personal information of children

VOXELTEK Ltd. does not intend to request personal information from persons under the age of 14. If a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 14 becomes aware of the fact that your child has provided data to VOXELTEK Ltd., you may contact VOXELTEK Ltd. for the purposes of deleting these data under the titles listed in section 6 of these Terms of Use. In this case, the child’s information will be deleted from the register immediately.


To facilitate the use of this site, VOXELTEK Ltd. has an anonymous visitor ID, uses cookies. “Cookies” are small data temporarily downloaded from your browser to your computer’s hard drive by visiting the page and required to visit the site. The “cookies” we use are not suitable for recognizing the visitor’s personal data. Most browsers automatically accept anonymous visitor IDs. However, setting the browser may prevent the visit ID from being installed on the hard disk. You can remove stored “cookies” from your machine at any time by deleting temporary Internet files.

Modify and delete your personal information

The recorded data will be deleted from VOXELTEK Ltd., as long as the conditions for data storage on a legal or other basis no longer exist. Of course, you can always ask for your personal information to be deleted from the register. You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time to use or process your personal information for the future. In these cases, or if you have any questions about your personal information, please contact us in the form of a letter (Tamás Liszkai, 3 Hunyadi Janos Rd, H-1117 Budapest, Hungary) Or by e-mail ([email protected]). Please also contact us if you want to know if there are any data regarding you in our records, and if so, which ones. We will try to meet your requests immediately. If you want to find out what kind of data the VOXELTEK Ltd. Has about you and how you treat it, especially the purpose, duration and legal basis of use, please contact us in one of the above addresses.

Responsible for data handling:

VOXELTEK Ltd. (3 Hunyadi Janos Rd, H-1117 Budapest, Hungary)
Tamas Liszkai, CEO