Dentists at different stage of Digital Transformation have tried our intraoral scanners, dental 3D printer and LIVE CAD design service

dental professional

“Voxeltek reminds you of the Silicon Valley startup spirit. Whichever the need, you are on the phone with a higher up in 10 minutes, and they actually know their stuff. It’s refreshing to deal with passionate people with real world knowledge, instead of being drowned in a neverending corporate chain-of-command that just wants to sell the next product or service-pack. The scanner is top class , and the printer has an enormous pool of resin profiles you can use. You get the freedom to choose the resins you want to work with, but you don’t have to go through the hurdle of trial-and-erroring your way to a successful print”

Dr. Telmo Monteiro, prosthetics and oral surgery specialist (Lisbon, Portugal)

dental professional

“This is super exciting!!!
I finally took a huge step towards digital dentistry and printed a temporary bridge on my very own Voxeltek 3D printer!
The after scanning with their IOS, CAD was provided by voxeltek.live for 25 credits: I simply downloaded the prepared file, pushed print on my printer and in 35min the bridge was in my hand. OK, it took me cc 20 extra minutes to polish and final prepare, but this was my first time, so I think this will be faster as I get continuously better.”

Dr. Ligia de Paula, implantologist (Porto, Portugal)

digital dentist

“I exclusively use digital impressions, and I am delighted to employ the VOXELTEK intraoral scanner. The combination of VOXELTEK.live and VOXELTEK printer provides me with the freedom to creatively address challenges in dentistry.”

Dr. Péter Farkas, biomimetic dentist (Budapest, Hungary)

Chairside story:
A 3D printed permanent inlay

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