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VOXELTEK Clear Aligner Services for advanced orthodontic treatments.

State-of-the-art orthodontics

Clear aligners have gained popularity in orthodontics owing to their invisibility when worn. As opposed to traditional braces, clear aligners can carry out mild to moderate movements of the teeth.

This discreet and effective method of teeth straightening has made clear aligners a preferred choice among many patients seeking orthodontic treatment.

quality materials made in the EU

Fully digital

VOXELINE is using the most recent digital dental technologies both on the patient and on the production side.

Quick turnaround

Our production times are as short as 10 workdays for the production of a complete set of aligners.

Best value aligners

We are working with a streamlined production process and custom manufacturing background focused on costs.

Built on digital impressions

Today’s digital orthodontic designs are based on intraoral scans. This novel impressioning technology provides the best patient experience to date and enables so much in patient care.

VOXELINE’s aligner services are optimized for VOXEL.IOS intraoral scanners, but are compatible with many more models too.

With VOXEL.IOS intraoral scanners, orthodontic professionals can obtain highly accurate digital impressions, ensuring precise and comfortable clear aligner fittings.

fast and accurate intraoral scanner
clear aligner service

Are you a doctor?

Add our convenient and reasonably priced clear aligner production services to your offerings. Our production background ensures that we are providing your patients with great quality invisible aligners right on time.

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