Smilemaker clear aligner printer

Next level direct printed clear aligners.

Clear aligners
direct aligner production

Direct resin printing of clear aligners has been a promise for years in the world of dental 3D printing.

As of today – because of the infancy of this field – it remains unclear whether resin printing of aligners is a viable alternative to sheet thermoforming.

direct aligner production
VOXELTEK takes a whole different approach to direct aligner production. We have created Smilemaker to bypass resin aligner printing and bring a better, more productive way of production to dental offices and labs.

Automated process for hands-free clear aligner production

Smilemaker is a compact clear aligner printer that combines all the steps needed for aligner production. This small machine can be used in any dental office or lab, making the process much easier for orthodontic professionals and offering direct printed clear aligners as a result.

aligner printing process - molding

1. Molding

aligner printing process - thermoforming

2. Thermoforming

aligner printing process - trimming

3. Trimming


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