High definition

Top-of-the-industry resolution that will leave 20k+ printers standing


Low consumables and maintenance costs, printers starting at €2995.-


Up to 2-4x faster than comparable laser SLA printers. Get more jobs to your clients, quicker.

Open System

Our printers are compatible with all open scanners and dental design software.


The Voxel M and L are photopolymer-based DLE printers working by the principles of advanced stereolithography.

The heart of these devices is our custom UV Light Engine that will create part layers in the matter of seconds and will grow your dental parts at unparallelled speeds.

Both our machines are sturdy, easy to use and come with a one-year limited warranty. Designed, developed and manufactured in Europe.


Voxel M

This is our first desktop 3D printer dedicated for dental applications and its value is still hard to beat. The Voxel M is a perfect choice for those labs who are starting out in the world of digital dentistry but can't afford a bigger price tag.

A great feature of the Voxel M is that it can be upgraded to a Voxel L in case even higher resolution, smoother print surface or bigger build volume are needed.

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Voxel L

The Voxel L is our latest innovation, featuring best-in-the-industry resolution on the x-y axis and an increased build volume for even higher productivity. If you are looking for a professional setup on a budget, the Voxel L dental 3D printer should be on your list.

With its 50 μm pixel size, you can rest assured that you prints will have a smooth surface previously only seen on Laser SLA prints.

See Specifications

All our printers are compatible with open dental CAD and scanner brands such as 3Shape, Exocad, Dental Wings, EGSolutions, Smart Optics and many more...

A closer look at what makes
Voxel 3D printers special

UV Light Engine

Our custom projector is the heart of all Voxel 3D printers. Our LED technology ensures 10+ years operation.


Apart fromconnecting with a LAN cable, you can also connect to your Voxel 3D printers via wifi, for a more convenient user experience.

VAT Tank

Our VAT tank can withstand months of abuse, there is no need to change it after every two liters or resin.



Our printers come with regular software updates, which also include the option of adding new material profiles.


The only moving part in Voxel M printers is the Z-axis, which allows our machines to last long without much maintenance. Adjustable layer thickness between 25 and 100 microns (depending on the material).

Upgradable Modular Design

Thanks to their modular design, Voxel printers are not only easy to maintain, but also upgradable (Voxel M to L).

User Benefits


The Voxel L has a native pixel size of 50 microns on the x and y axis, which places it to the top of its league in terms of resolution and makes it perfect for dental applications.

Although accuracy also depends on geometry, printing material and curing conditions, both the Voxel M and L have been used, tested and approved by the dental industry.

  • Accuracy is comparable to high-end dental 3D printers


Both printers feature our very own light engine that will create part layers in the matter of seconds. At the wavefront of layer creation, our state of the art VAT system makes any additional movement - other than lifting the build head - unneccessary and therefore further enhances overall productivity.

Super fast light processing combined with our unique layer separation method will build your dental parts at unparallelled speeds.

  • 2+ times faster then comparable dental printers


In order to make user experience as smooth as possible, we have implemented a number of convenience features:

  • Connect your printer easily using Wifi or a LAN cable
  • Receive regular software and firmware updates
  • Free technical and professional dental support
  • Open System: ability to add new material profiles

Low Cost of Maintenance

At Voxeltek, we are all about minimizing costs without compromizing quality. This also reflects in our printers’ low cost of maintenance:

  • Very few moving parts, fewer parts breaking
  • No need to change resin tank after every 2 liters of resin
  • UV LED light source with 10.000+ hours in lamp life. That is in fact 10+ years of daily usage!
  • Affordably priced consumables


We have not only created the market’s best value-for-money printers, but also made sure to keep running costs low for a short-term ROI. High costs traditionally associated with precision 3D technology has kept away many dental labs from entering the digital era. Voxel printers ensure that every lab can step ahead and enjoy advantages of a digital workflow, without having to spend 10ks of Euros on a 3D printer.

  • Our printers cost less than any high-resolution dental SLA printer, while consumables are more accessable than any dental pohotopolymers.

Novel Technology

The heart of our printers the all-new VOXELTEK Digital Light Engine (DLE). This imaging device features multiple benefits in comparison to other SLA printers on the market. Our Zero Focus Technology (ZFT): Demolishes focusing distance between processing plane and the build plane, resulting in distorsion-free crystal-sharp imaging. Optics tuned to perfection: Extensive optical simulations led us to a 99% light homogenity achieved on the build plane enabling consistent and controlled layer building throughout the whole build platform.

  • Our unique DLE uses zero focusing distance - while other SLA printers use 100-200 mm -leaving no room for inaccuracy.

Advanced materials

The VOXEL printers operate with our engineered dental photopolymer resins which will get you beautiful and accurate dental prints without breaking the bank. Certified resins for printing provisionals and surgical guides are also enabled for use in our machines to cover most applications your lab will ever need. What’s more: We are continously releasing 3rd party biocompatible material options for our printers for all of our current users.

  • Engineered with dental requirements and affordability in mind, our resins will keep your running costs low.

Open and integrated system

At VOXELTEK, we find it extremely important that our user can seamlessly integrate our printers to their CAD/CAM workflow in the lab and that their expenses are fair and calculable. With VOXELTEK, there is no extra investment, no licence fees or compromises. Instead, you have great support on your side! Our processing software sports automated processes such as one-click support generation. VOXEL printers work seamlessly together with the following dental CAD software and scanners: 3Shape, Exocad, Dental Wings, EGSolutions, Smart Optics, Dentsply, Medit, DOF, ZirkonZahn, Amann Girrbach, Open Technologies and many more….

  • Enjoy full assistance of our support team, and online knowledge base, never leaving you unanswered.

End-to-end solution

With a VOXEL printer, you are not only purchasing a piece of machine, but a streamlined process in favour of your efficient and cost-effective work in the lab. The VOXEL M and L are so much more than a printer. An ecosystem, a pool of integrated processes, a heartland to turn to.

  • The architecture of our hardware and software were created to ensure 100% Compatibility with your existing CAD/CAM infractructure.

Printer Specifications

  • Voxel M
  • The most affordable professional 3D printer for your dental lab.
  • 2995.- EUR
  • Technology: UV/DLE Stereolithography
  • Printing speed: 20-180 minutes / session
  • Build volume: 105 x 58 x 60 mm (4-5 bridges or 1-2 models per print session)
  • Native pixel size: 100 μm
  • Printer weight: 10 kg
  • Packaging dimensions: 400 x 400 x 600 mm
  • Packaging weight: 12 kg
  • Connectivity: Wifi/LAN
  • Software compatibility: Windows
  • Power: 230V / 50Hz
  • LED power: 18w
  • Printer dimensions: 250 x 250 x 420 mm
  • Voxel L
  • Higher resolution, bigger build plate - your new favourite lab equipment.
  • 4250.- EUR
  • Technology: UV/DLE Stereolithography
  • Printing speed: 20-180 minutes / session
  • Build volume: 125 x 65 x 65 mm (4-7 bridges or 2-7 models per print session)
  • Native pixel size: 50 μm
  • Printer weight: 10 kg
  • Packaging dimensions: 400 x 400 x 600 mm
  • Packaging weight: 12 kg
  • Connectivity: Wifi/LAN
  • Software compatibility: Windows
  • Power: 230V / 50Hz
  • LED power: 30w
  • Printer dimensions: 250 x 250 x 420 mm


Voxel 3D printers come with a variety of photopolymer resins, perfectly tuned for our Light Engine for optimal performance.

Voxeltek lab packages

Quality consumables that won't break the bank. We have our engineered castable, standard white and hi-res resins, while for surgical guides or temporary crowns and bridges, we use NextDent's biocompatible materials.

See Applications


Performance in one package. Dental 3D scanner, 3D Printer and dental CAD software bundles starting from EUR 9.995.-

Voxeltek lab packages

If you are looking for an all-round 3D dental solution for your lab, look no futher. Our VOXEL M and L 3D printers teamed up with Smart Optics 3D scanners and a number of dental design options make a perfect combination to cover your laboratory needs.

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Patterns for clear aligners

Thermoformed aligner patterns

Clear aligners can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, tilted forward or backwards using exact impressions taken by a dentist.They allow patients to smile with greater confidence while require less frequent trips to the dentist, mean less risk of enamel decalcification and avoid extractions of premolars, amongst other advantages.

Your Voxel M or L 3D printer will enable you to 3D print custom thermoforming patterns for each stage of the aligning process considerably faster than manual work and for fractions of the cost that other 3D printers would.

Material: Voxeltek White Resin

Temporary Crowns & Bridges

Full-value temporary crowns and bridges out of certificated biocompatible resin.

Temporaries have become an important and necessary part of any smile or bite reconstruction. They serve several other important functions, including protection of teeth until a final restoration, preventing unwanted tooth movement, enabling normal speech, amongst others.

Provisionals enable you to preview the final result of your reconstructive treatment. They allow you to make a more informed decision about the size, shape, feel, function and color of your final restorations. We are proud to present the Voxel M professional dental 3D printer for crowns and bridges, that any dental laboratory can afford.

Material: NextDent Temporary C&B

Drill Guides

Implantology accessories out of certificated biocompatible resin.

A surgical drill guide is created by merging the patient’s CT scan with the digital scan of the teeth or denture in a 3D design software. This allows for the best implant placement based on the tissue and bone.

Drill guides are not just for the difficult cases anymore. You will find our guides beneficial because they provide the confidence of knowing your implant is going on the right place. You can never be too cautious when it comes to implant placement.

With the Voxel printers, you are free to start producing your own drill guides inhouse, for just fractions of the costs a 3D printing bureau would charge you.

Material: Nextdent SG


Full-value dental models replacing plaster models

The Voxel 3D printers will print dental models out of our durable Voxeltek White an Hi-Res resins. The outcome will be tough enough for a dental technician to repeatedly remove and replace the die, check occlusion and move through excursions without any loss of fit or causing excessive wear on the contact surfaces.

Get ready to print your models unexpectedly fast, compared to most high-end dental 3D printers, for just fractions of the cost.

Material: Voxeltek White Resin

Anatomic or Reduced Bridges

Through lost vax casting

Most times, dental crowns, dental bridges and some removable partial dentures need a supporting frame that is designed to provide strength for the entire restoration and to support the aesthetic materials (porcelain, composite, acrylics). The metal frame is built up using a wax-up technique. The entire metal core is sculpted in wax at the precise shape and size considering all aspects demanded by the particular clinical situation.

After the molten metal alloy is cast, the whole wax pattern is converted to a replicate in dental alloy. With our Castable Resin, creation of the wax pattern can entirely be digital and the design process can seamlessly integrate into your CAD workflow.

Wax patterns then can be printed on the Voxel M and L printer out of castable resin and invested just like traditional wax-ups would.

Material: Voxeltek Castable Resin

Plastic Pantograph Patterns

For manual zircone milling

If the process of replicating a master pattern using manual pantographic milling machines. A duplicate of the pattern will dimensionally be very similar to the master, after the process.

With our Voxeltek White Resin, printing accurate and durable plastic patterns for milling crowns and bridges is easy and will liberate you from a great deal of manual labour.

Material: Voxeltek White Resin

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