CAD Services in the Cloud

The biggest barrier for digital in-office production in today’s dental practices is the complexity of CAD design and the high upfront investment costs for many CAD design software.

With the introduction of our online CAD design services, we are enhancing all clinics, making chairside digital dentistry finally a reality.


State-of-the-art CAD technology

Our designers are top of their profession with the most recent software tools at their fingertips, to enhance your lab with rock solid CAD design services.

Short lead times

Choose flexibly amonst our lead time options and enjoy discounts in longer delivery time cases for the most cost-efficient CAD designs.

Integrated in your workflow

Our VOXELTEK.live online dental design services work best with digital impressions from our VOXEL.IOS scanner. However, over 15 3rd party scanners are supported too.